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Common Projection Formats

Most models of Draper screens are offered in both AV (audio visual) and NTSC video formats. Many models are also offered in HDTV and Wide Screen formats. The differences between these formats are described below. We are glad to provide any Draper screen in the size and projection format of your choice, up to and including the largest published size.

Projection Format—Once you have determined the correct size of screen based upon the audience area, that size may be modified based upon the projection equipment. If the screen will only be used with one type of projector (NTSC video, HDTV, etc.), it is easy to determine the exact screen dimensions based upon its projection format. Custom sizes are also available, use our Custom Size Calculator to determine your needs.


AVAV (audio visual)

AV format screens accommodate a variety of projector types and range from square to wide horizontal in aspect ratio. AV format screens are described in terms of height x width, and are furnished without black borders, although borders are optionally available. Screens with Tab Tensioning System always include black borders and 12" of black drop at the top.



NTSC video format screens are specifically designed for use with video/data projectors. Their format is strictly defined as a 4:3 rectangle, and the size is usually described in terms of a nominal diagonal. Conventional models of NTSC format screens are furnished with black borders to frame the image on all four sides. Tab-tensioned screens include black borders at the sides and bottom, and 12" of black drop at the top.



HDTV format (16:9)

HDTV format is designed for high-definition television projection.



WidescreenWideScreen format (1.85:1)

WideScreen format is suitable for letter boxed video images.


CinemascopeCinemaScope (2.35:1.00)

Cinemascope is the sizing of many Hollywood feature films and is wider than Letterbox Format or HDTV Format. Film projectors achieve this aspect ratio by replacing the typical standard 'Flat' lens with an anamorphic 'Scope' lens.


Native laptop presentations (16:10 and 15:9)

Accommodates presentations from laptop computers and projectors with 1280x800 resolution.


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