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Outdoor Living Solutions

Window shades, audiovisual equipment, and gymnasium equipment designed for outdoor use.

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This outdoor dining area enclosed by FlexShade ZIP shades (no glass windows) maintains a comfortable temperature even in cold weather, with shades down and patio heaters on.

Comfortable outdoor spaces are more important than ever in homes, restaurants, healthcare settings, and more. Easily create inviting outdoor spaces that are protected from the sun, wind, rain, and even insects with Draper outdoor shades.

Not only do outdoor shades protect from the elements, they help bring a sense of calm to your outdoor spaces. Shades provide an extra layer of sound resistance and can hide or reduce the visual impact of surrounding structures or movement.

Extend your home or business space

Set up outdoor work spaces, elegant areas for entertaining, or relaxing niches on decks and outdoor rooms. Retractable shades can be lowered to provide protected areas for eating, chatting, working, and other activities.

No need for costly renovations – you can add outdoor shades to existing covered patios, garages, or pergolas to help keep your spaces comfortable and inviting year round. Outdoor shades with side channels keep out rain, reduce noise, and control climate and glare. With outdoor heaters or fans, make use of your spaces all year. Insect resistant fabrics even help keep out the bugs.

Stretch the outdoor hours and season

Make your outdoor spaces usable for more hours each day, and for more days, weeks, and months each season. Get the most out of your investment in residential spaces, or even increase profitability of your outdoor bar and dining areas. Simply put, comfortable customers stay longer.

Control the temperature; save money

Install outdoor shades on your home’s windows to control the temperature and save on climate control costs. In summer, outdoor shades can reduce the temperature of a space by as much as 20 degrees, and can cut 74% of solar heat while still maximizing natural daylight.

Block the effect of UV rays

The sun’s rays can be harmful. Outdoor shades block these ultraviolet rays and save your outdoor space from the aging, fading, and decaying look of sun rot. Also look for fabrics that have earned the Melanoma International Foundation Seal of Approval.

Increase privacy

During the day under direct sun, outdoor shades allow you to utilize your spaces in comfort without feeling like you’re on display. With direct sun hitting your shades, your neighbors won’t have a direct view to you, but you’ll still be able to see the view around you.

Add to the beauty of your home or business

Outdoor shades are customizable and tailored to your needs. Choose from thousands of fabric colors and textures, or select a printed solution that is color-matched to your specifications. Printed options include solid colors, repeating patterns, your own custom artwork, or company logos. Your imagination is the only limit.

Easy to clean.

Most Draper@Home fabrics can be cleaned in place. For detailed directions, see our convenient guide: Cleaning outdoor fabrics.

Outdoor Shading Solutions

The products below are marked with icons to indicate the benefits offered by that model. These icons indicate the following benefits:

Icon Legend
  • Weather Resistant: The product features a weather- and insect-resistant headbox that allows it to be installed in direct exposure to weather and the elements.
  • Glare Control: The product offers shading from the sun, providing protection from glare, UV exposure, and solar heat gain.
  • Weather Control: The product offers a layer of protection from wind, rain, and snow. Wind-tunnel tested! See the results.
  • Insect Control: The product's design provides a barrier that can help keep out unwanted insects.

Control Systems

Motorization of your outdoor shades provides efficiency and ease of use, but choosing the right controls allows you to get the most out of a shading system.

Simple, easy, and efficient

Wall switches and handheld remotes provide quick, easy-to-use control of outdoor shades with no fuss.

Basic sensor-based control

This approach uses sensors that cause shades to adjust themselves automatically based on brightness, wind, and precipitation in up to four different zones.

Integrated control

Use the IntelliFlex I/O system to integrate control of your outdoor shading into lighting, entertainment, and other systems.

Automated glare control

Some areas, such as atriums, reception and waiting areas, wellness centers, and even larger and more complex outdoor areas, require a more automated solution. The IntelliFlex I/O Sensor/Schedule Interface + (SSI+) with Automated Glare Control utilizes a geographic location to calculate where shades should be and adjusts them accordingly. Sensors still allow the system to automatically react to current conditions. Higher level integration and automation with BAS via BACnet IP is an option with the right controls.

Our award-winning IntelliFlex I/O control system is fully capable of this, and more. Integrate with existing building management systems, or build standalone systems. Simple to implement, yet scalable to handle large, complex systems: IntelliFlex I/O can do it all.


Draper@Home Sales Kit

Show your clients available fabric and hardware options right in their homes.

If you sell Draper shading products into homes, you need the Draper@Home sales kit. It’s designed and organized to help you walk your client through the planning process and make final fabric and hardware selections, all without leaving their home. The cost of the kit will be fully refunded after two uses–just submit one coupon for $125 with each of your first two shade orders!

Draper@Home Sales Kit

For only $250, you will receive:

  • The portable Draper@Home case with over 300 fabric swatches, from popular Phifer and Mermet fabrics, and others.
  • Samples organized into small, pullout fabric decks. Fabrics fan out for display, with key fabric information.
  • Informative Draper@Home catalog.
  • Hardware color samples.
  • Handy fabric openness tool.

Wildlife photographer David Cardinal uses the Draper Traveller for a critique session during a digital photo safari to Botswana. Photo by Dana Allen / Cardinal Photo.

Enjoy. Relax. Entertain. Repeat.

More than ever, we’re using our outdoor spaces for entertainment and leisure activities that were traditionally indoor pursuits. Draper helps you take entertainment to a new level and a new space while retaining the comfort of the indoors.

Outdoor Audiovisual Solutions

Projection screens

Projection Screens Turn your patio, pool deck, or other area into a home theatre with an outdoor projection screen. Our screen cases are weather- and insect-resistant, and the powder coated finishes will stand up to the sun, rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at them.

Nocturne+ E: Don’t settle—upscale your outside AV experience. Integrate the screen into an AV control system, so when the projector and audio fire up, the screen will glide elegantly down, secured by the guide cables to prevent surface movement during viewing. When the movie’s over, the viewing surface retracts back to safety inside the weather- and insect-resistant screen case.

Nocturne+ C: This more budget-friendly screen uses the same screen case as the electric version. Lower and raise the screen using the crank. The handle is detachable limit screen access. Floating wall brackets grip the screen securely along the back of the case for easy installation.

Viewing surfaces

Choose from four surfaces, depending on how and what time of day you plan to use your outdoor screen.

Matt White XT1000E: For viewing mostly after dark, or in an enclosed area with light control.

Contrast Grey XH800E: Better contrast and performance than Matt White if the sun isn’t quite down.

ClearSound White Weave XT900E or Grey Weave XH600E: Acoustically transparent for placing the main speaker behind the screen.

Outdoor shades

Enhance your outdoor theatre experience by using shades to reduce glare and keep insects at bay. See Window Shades tab on this page for more information.

The Drape‍r outdoor living sports collection is pro grade. These are the same dealer-installed and durable solutions that we provide to the North American commercial/architectural markets and will give you and your family years of exercise and enjoyment.

Outdoor Gymnasium Solutions

Outdoor basketball backstops

Titan Adjustable Post Set – Hit the court with confidence—this is one of the toughest outdoor backstops available anywhere. The 6” (152 mm) square, 3/16” (5 mm) thick post and heavy-duty dual strut extension arm make the Titan extremely strong. A tubular H-frame backboard mount with direct goal attachment provides maximum rigidity. A 72" x 42" (183 cm x 107 cm) acrylic backboard and breakaway goal are adjustable to any height between 10’ (3.05 m) and 6’ 6" (1.98 m).

Force Adjustable Post Set - The 5" (127 mm) square, 3/16" (5 mm) thick post and dual strut extension stand up to even the toughest play. The tubular H-frame and direct goal attachment offers maximum rigidity. The goal easily adjusts to any height between 10’ (3.05 m) and 6’ 6" (1.98 m).

Slam Adjustable Post Set – This system provides adjustability and durability at an affordable price. Constructed in a single piece from 4" (102 mm) square 11-gauge tubing. A spring-aided design makes one person adjustment virtually effortless. Rim height can be adjusted in 6” (152 mm) increments from 10’ to 7’ (3.05 m to 2.13 m). The rim can be mounted directly to the extension arm through the backboard to reduce stress on the backboard.

Gooseneck Style Basketball Post Set - The face of the extends backboard approximately 4' (1.22 m) from the front edge of the post. It is constructed of 4-1/2” (114 mm) OD heavy-walled galvanized pipe. The backboard and goal bolt directly to the post to form a solid unit. This eliminates strain on the backboard, if a player hangs on the goal, by transferring the load to the heavy-duty steel post.

Net sports

Draper net sport solutions are designed and manufactured with the same attention to quality as our architectural equipment. Competition-level volleyball and tennis systems are tough and durable and will provide years of reliable service.

Championship Outdoor Aluminum Volleyball System - Height adjustable posts are made from a specially designed heavy-walled aluminum extrusion. The lightweight material makes set up and tear down easy. Backlash-free worm gear top rope tensioner provides superior net tension for ball rebound. Net height is adjustable from 42" to 96" (1.07 m x 2.44 m) for all levels of competition.

Economy Outdoor Steel Volleyball System – This budget-friendly system features an all-weather official-sized net for playground or recreational applications. The posts have end plugs to prevent water and moisture collection and the winch’s handle is removable for added security and player safety.

Power Tennis System - The workhorse posts with rust-resistant coating are designed for tough wear, making this system ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Posts are constructed of galvanized tubing with a black powder coat finish to resist rust and increase durability. Integrated welded steel lacing rods provide a pro level net installation.

Championship Tennis System – This durable, easy-to-use system for indoors or outdoors features high-end square posts. It includes an internal net tensioner with ample cable take-up capacity. The winding mechanism is designed for heavy loads to reduce binding. Posts are constructed of galvanized tubing with a gloss black powder coat finish to provide rust resistance and increase durability.


The Drape‍r Tetherball system will provide years of family fun. The post is constructed of 2-3/8" (60 mm) 13-gauge galvanized tubing, and the top is capped to prevent the collection of water or moisture. The Tetherball system includes a 5-ply yellow rubber-covered ball with a nylon wound butyl bladder, reinforced recessed rope attachment, and braided nylon rope.

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