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Introducing the Foundation Mount System

The bedrock of hassle-free LED video wall installations

Foundation Mount System installed in an 6x6 display array configuration.

Foundation Mount System installed in an 6x6 display array configuration, with some LED panels removed.

Video wall installation can be challenging.

Walls that aren’t flat, floors that are uneven, and tight installation deadlines are just a few of the headaches installers face. Part of our range of Advanced Solutions, we designed the all-new Foundation Mount System with installers in mind.

Wavy walls? Foundation features fine Z-axis wall adjustment that quickly and precisely makes the system plumb. Funky floors? The plumb alignment pin helps quickly get system plumb even when dealing with non-flat surfaces with great precision, and the vertical rail adjusters let you quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets.

Save time, gain precision.

Installation timeline tight? With Foundation, speed and precision are built in by design. The Foundation mount system is optimized for single-technician installs. Regardless of the LED display size, all Foundation assembly and install steps can be easily managed by one tech. And when it’s time to service the display, Foundation’s optional trim aids quick and easy service. With Draper, we help save time and money.

Protect your display investment.

The Foundation also helps keep your LED modules safe during installation. LED panel mounting slots minimize the amount of contact between LED modules and a spring-loaded mounting stud pushes them into final z-axis position.

Build your video wall on the Draper Foundation.

Foundation Mount System's modular design allows for any array size and aspect ratio of the LED display models shown below, with more LED models available soon.

Precision and Time Savings

Foundation Mount System was engineered to provide increased precision and time savings when installing your LED video wall:

Keyhole attachments on wall brackets provide the ability to mount an entire horizontal rail at once with a single installer.

Vertical Rail Hanger Clips allow a single installer to easily mount vertical rails.

Laser level notches on the sides of each upright act as "string lines" for easy leveling.

Vertical rail adjusters quickly align and level the bottom row of cabinets.

Install Fixtures ensure that vertical uprights are positioned and spaced perfectly. Realignment is not necessary when LED panels are installed.

LED panel mounting slots minimize the amount of contact between LED modules during installation.

Spring loaded mounting studs push cabinets into the final Z-axis position.

Magnetic trim is attached using alignment pins and held in place with powerful rare-earth magnets, making installation or removal quick and easy.

Foundation Models





Explore Foundation Mount System in 3D.

Click to activate the viewer below and explore Foundation Mount System in a 4x3 display array configuration in 3D.
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